oOsPASPN 2016 has started off to be an interesting year so far and today makes it just that little more so as a well known paste site KickAssPastes appears to have been sent a take down notice on behalf of Citi from a company who conducts cyber intelligence. It all started when KickAssPastes posted earlier today a copy of a take down email from their web host knownsrv who was contacting them on behalf of Cyveillance in regards to the paste located here which is calling for people to attack the NASDAQ and London Stock Exchanges under the operation name "Icarus"

"Attention Brothers and Sisters: The opportunity to create financial chaos and public unrest and from that, there will be a previously unachieved amount of lulz to be had. Charge your lasers and aim them at the the Nasdaq and London Stock Exchange."

The strange part about this is that there is no mention or link of Citibank or 'citi' in this paste so what has triggered this? Is it the mention of stock exchanges, banks or a combination of various things? Funny enough there is a link in the post to the operations official WordPress page and there they have a image as below that has Citibank along with others logos in it as well. As for the paste in question, The paste is currently still live at time of publishing and was posted on the 10th of Feb and the take down email didn't come until the 12th of Feb meaning it took them either 2 days to go through the process of alerting or they are 2 days behind in their information, Either way it appears KickAssPastes has no intention of following through with these requests and is also looking for a new place to host the service they provide. Capture Cyveillance boasts to be a cyber intelligence company and this is not a new type of company, in fact there are hundreds of these types of companies that offer some sort of monitoring and early warning systems based on what is happening on social media and paste sites. Email directly from Cyveillance forr5Xwq Email from KnownSrv -ojVnEN7