Today is a big day in america with the elections taking place, its been fairly expected that at some staging a hacking incident will happen but it was more then question of who and what.

Not to long ago now a hacker who uses the handle CyberZeist tweeted an screen cap along with an message claiming that the an Alaskan Elections Results website ( has been breached.

After speaking to CyberZeist, they provided me with further proof that they had access to administration section of the Alaskan Elections Results and disclosed the servers ip and admin/password combination.

They also disclosed that the server is running out-dated Ubuntu OS and Apache HTTPD and still subject to many older vulnerabilities still. It does appear that one part of the security that this system does actually have is GEO-location blocking which is stopping all access to the administration features unless from an Alaskan IP address.

The system that is running on this is GEMS which stands for Global Election Management System.

Now while this website in no way controls the current election it does appear that a persons with administration access could remove and create candidates, thou as stated this would have no effect on the election at all.