Short history and why CWN started, to find out how to publish on the site see here.

Cyber War News or otherwise known as CWN was started back in June 2011 as a small personal blog after the spree of attacks by lulzsec and downtime of playstation network but not long after that CWN was born and became the official site of

The main motivation behind the site was the fact that much main stream media was getting information wrong, not sourcing proper facts and just plain and simple screwing up story's.

CWN provided up-to date unique news contents that was many times the first source of research and news for many incidents between 2011 to mid 2014 when the sites run of luck with heat from authorities came to a end and i personally faced some legal issues due to the content posted on the site anonymously in which caused me to take the site down for a few months but after many requests, i have put the website and content back up near to as it was to serve as a archive of such, to prevent dead links and mainly the preservation of articles not found anywhere else.

Currently i have no plans to curate or publish content under Cyber War News so you might want to head on over to ctrlbox and keep up to date with my posts, contents and projects. See here about publishing content on CWN.


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